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Yield Farming Workshop - Consensus Austin side event by LeechProtocol
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Speak about DeFi , farming and WEB3 in general in a circle of enthusiasts and true degens of the field.

A nice atmosphere, education, and free beer is guaranteed.

At our dinner, we will discuss the following topics:

1. Is Farming and Liquidity Mining alive during the crypto winter?

2. What is realYield and how to find it in DeFi?

3. Why Leech Protocol changes the rules of the game?

4. How to choose projects and avoid scammers?

5. How to check audits of smart contracts?

6. Where is a good and honest APR on stablecoins in DeFI?

7. Why do 50% of liquidity providers in V3 have negative PNL?

8. How to hedge farming positions?

9. What are the risks of farming, and how to avoid them?

10. Discuss Leech Protocol farming opportunities

Opening: 19 00 - 21 00 (and later for verified degens :)

1. Public Speech about Farming

2. Q and A about Farming

3. Panel Discussion

4. Networking and Beer (all time)