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WFIS 2023 – Egypt
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In line with Vision 2030, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has recognized fintech’s potential for the all-round development of the country’s digital economy and to position it as the FSI leader in MENA and Africa regions. The cornerstone of CBE’s profound development work surfaced with its Fintech & Innovation Strategy in 2019 which further aims to uplift the industry with a supporting structure.

Not to forget, the presence of 44 million unbanked Egyptians and other conducive regulatory factors are further fuelling fintech’s growth. To top it all, investments in fintech recorded an all-time high of $167million in the first half of 2022, while Egypt’s median age of 24.7 years has been like the cherry on top.

To aid Egypt in establishing financial inclusion and incorporating tech innovations in the FSI sector, Tradepass is hosting World Financial Innovation Series (WFIS) in Cairo, Egypt on 8 – 9 August 2023. The event will attract over 350 technology and business heads from the leading Banks, Insurance & Micro-Finance institutions across the country.