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Werkstatten:Messe 2023
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The workshops:trade fair in Nuremberg shows how important the role of workshops for people with disabilities in our society and what are the benefits and visions behind the concept of inclusion are.

Together, creating prospects – because here are the Trends and developments in the industry with experience: get New offers and products shown in-service training activities for professionals, and exciting training opportunities and concepts, presents, people with disabilities, offer space to develop their opportunities. Here are the workshops for people with disabilities show, together with partners from industry and business, such as work processes can be designed so that inclusion is possible. And there is something for everyone: With the of power, diversity, and quality-oriented exhibition of products and services, embedded in a diverse program with many lectures, the chance of a career:the Forum and the colorful world of experience that invites you to Join in, rich holds workshops:fair is something for everyone.