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Web3 Festival 2023 HashKey PRO: Digital Asset Exchange Stage
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The Web3 Festival 2023 HashKey PRO: Digital Asset Exchange

The event features a diverse lineup of world-class speakers from established companies, emerging startups, and investment firms. Alongside with HashKey, notable organizations are being represented, including Token Bay Capital, Coinbase, Injective Labs, Trust Machines, Galaxy Digital Asia, GSR Asia, Kairon Labs, Wintermute, Fireblocks, Tranchess, Deribit, Metalpha Limited, OrBit, TDX Strategies, and Onyx Digital Assets. Additionally, the conference features speakers from JP Morgan, Hamilton Lane, HSBC, and Accenture. The participants offer their insights and perspectives on topics such as cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, tokenization, and emerging trends in the industry, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of the current state and future outlook of the industry.


Colin Zhong, CEO of Hash Blockchain Limited

Jeff Ren,OKX Ventures Partner

Wilson Cheng, Institutional Sales, Coinbase

Chris Choi, Head of Product, Injective Labs

Yubo Ruan, Founder, Parelle Finance

Muneeb Ali, Stacks founder, CEO of Trust Machines

Xin Song, General Manager, GSR Asia

Mathias Beke, Co-Founder, Kairon Labs

Moshe Shen, BD and Partnership Director, Wintermute

Amy Zhang, VP of Sales, APAC, Fireblocks

Lin Chen, Business Development Asia, Deribit

Adrian Wang, Founder and CEO, Metalpha Limited

Zhiming Yang, Co-Founder, OrBit

Dick Lo, CEO, TDX Strategies

Nikhil S., Head of Growth at Onyx Digital Assets, J.P. Morgan

Benjamin Chodroff, HSBC, Lead Architect for HSBC Innovation & Ventures

Collwyn Tan, Co-Head of Asia Investments, Hamilton Lane

Brett Hornung, Web3 Lead, Accenture