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Wealth Management Transformation Summit
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Wealth and asset management: On the verge of a digital revolution

The wealth and asset management industry is in the midst of significant change. A new generation of investors, increasing digital competition and significant investment trends are reshaping what has often been viewed as a traditional sector.

With this change comes huge opportunities for those willing to embrace a new way of thinking. Technology is democratising wealth management, clients are prepared to swap providers for better services, and new business models are developing across the market. But should personal relationships and human interaction still be prioritised? Can quality of service be maintained in conjunction with emerging tech?

The Wealth & Asset Transformation Summit will showcase these challenges and opportunities, exploring the potential of digital transformation whilst answering the difficult questions facing the industry in the coming years.

80 visionary speakers will answer the most pressing industry questions.

Network and learn alongside 600 colleagues and peers from the wealth and asset management industry.

No matter where you are on your transformation journey, Wealth Management Transformation Summit provides inspiration and confidence for your next steps.