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Virtual Speaking Masterclass Dubai
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You have a glorious opportunity to get your message into the world.

Never before has there been such an exciting time in communication.

The ability to transmit your words across the world has existed for decades.

If you put in the work now to master virtual speaking, you are going to flourish for the next decade.

That is what this Virtual Speaking Masterclass is going to help you do.

There are three basic building blocks you need to be a great virtual speaker.

Firstly you will learn how to make friends with the camera. Making friends with the camera means that you will:

Appear (and feel!) more confident when you present.

Speak in a natural, conversational way so that you feel more relaxed.

Express your natural creativity and personality quirks so that you feel genuine and authentic.

Secondly you will learn why it’s so important to create an “active window”. An active window means that you:

Build trust and rapport fast

Hold people’s attention when they have a million online distractions

Can communicate abstract ideas

Thirdly you will learn how to effectively interact with your audience. Strong interaction means that your audience will:

View you as their #1 expert

Implement more of your ideas

Buy more of your stuff

Are you ready for the second wave? Then grab your surfboard and sign up for the masterclass! In the true spirit of Virtual Speaking, we will of course be hosting this class virtually so that you can join us from the comfort of your own home.