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The Self-Disruption in Banking Series - South-East Asia Tour (Thailand)
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Rethinking application of technology to conventional banking business models

Unlocking new growth for the banks of tomorrow powered by technology

Keeping pace with a fast-evolving financial services landscape through innovation

Technology driven value creation in a dynamic banking environment

Navigating unknowns through core modernisation and “platformisation”

Reimagining banking and the race to technology leadership


Financial institutions increasingly have to maintain agility, adaptability and speed to address the myriad of challenges and opportunities being driven by competitive pressures, technological change and adverse operating conditions.

The traditional client-customer banking relationships continue to evolve in the digital world and injection of the Metaverse, augmented reality, AI and blockchain based crypto-assets will fundamentally alter how banks will interact with customers and create value.

For banks to ensure sustainable competitive advantage in this fast shifting digitally based environment, will require utilising technology and innovation powered by the cloud to reset conventional business models. Institutions that fail to adjust to these new realities and emerging paradigm risk being left behind.