After adjustment, economic globalization has continued to develop in depth at an unprecedented speed and scale, and the global economic dependence has continued to rise. The global reconfiguration of global capital and production technology elements has brought about significant and profound changes in the global political and economic landscape

Al though the world economy is showing obvious signs of recovery, the major countries' trade rebound has not yet appeared. This aspect shows that although the economies of developed economies have recovered to some extent, they are subject to the limitations of policy-led recovery, financial

It will take time for confidence in the financial market to be restored, the high unemployment rate is an obstacle to demand recovery, the refinancing difficulties brought about by the ever-increasing government’s huge budget deficit, and the inflationary pressure and industrial restructuring in the new round of economic recovery Even if the global economy recovers, the future growth rate will be slow. At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that there will be some repetitions in the middle, and coupled with the current epidemic situation, the economic development situation presents uncertain factors.

The refore, the holding of this conference hopes to conduct in-depth exchanges with scholars in the following aspects:

Discuss how to deepen reform, adjust industrial structure, and make efforts to improve investment capital and business soft environment

Understand academic development trends, broaden research ideas, strengthen academic research and discussion, and promote the industrialization cooperation of academic achievements

Promote the institutionalization and standardization of management science through modern research

Friday, March 17, 2023 at 9:00 AM to
Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 6:00 PM