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The Global Green Web3
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The digitalization of our world is pacing along at a swift speed as the Web3 industry is undergoing a dramatic revolution. Surging demand for digital assets and currencies, NFT’s Web3 and accelerating adoption of blockchain-based solutions have highlighted a key significant issue: the technology's growing energy consumption and its severe global impact on our climate.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, the metaverse and blockchain are just some of the technologies transforming everything from healthcare to banking across our planet.

World Web3 Forum presents a global summit of visionaries and leaders in business, policy, and beyond to unite to share ideas, collaborate, and problem solve for a positive, sustainable and greener future.

The summit is powered by India Blockchain Alliance (IBA) as the official Knowledge Partner.

We create a community of like-minded people, thought leaders and visionaries. Together, we can shape the world of tomorrow.