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The Emergent Summit 2023 - Tech | Music | Art | AI | Blockchain
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The Emergent Summit provides a gateway for connecting emerging startups, musicians and artists to the tools needed to define and build mixed-reality experiences that will build economic and social value.

The boundaries between virtual and real life have become increasingly blurred. This event presents a variety of speakers, panelists, artists, and music performers that will share their knowledge on how AI, blockchain, and Web3 will soon be part of your everyday life.

The topics are aimed at providing high-level fundamentals as well as delving into advanced topics specific to AI, Web3, music, art and technology.

Riverside and the Inland Empire boast a growing ecosystem of technology companies leading innovation worldwide. Millions of people are already involved in Web3 and AI projects, and the pace is increasing rapidly. The Emergent Summit provides a fast track to people, artists, and musicians looking to make waves in this emerging space.