Workshop Description

What’s the difference between a manager and a great manager? To be a great manager, there are eight critical skills that must be mastered. In any management books, one of the main points emphasized is managing task and processes are easy. It is managing people that is tough.

This workshop provides proven solutions, workable tools and management skills to develop the critical skills to become a successful manager. By learning to direct delegate, empower, motivate & develop their staff, the manager will lead their team greater to success.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Understand the roles of management;

Appreciate the 8 key management skills of a manager;

Learn to set the goals and performance indicators in the organization;

Understand and know how to interview and select for the right person;

Delegate the right job to the right person;

Learn to empower our subordinates to achieve success;

Manage conflict with the staff;

Learn to performance managed your staff;

Continuously develop the people for the organization’s benefit.