Family Constellation is a ground – breaking methodology to free yourself from the damaging repetitive patterns, behaviors and emotions that are limiting your life in some way today and you have unconsciously taken on from your family system.

– Do you sometimes not live your life to your full potential?

– Do you feel like you are being held back somehow?

– Have you been weighed down by persisting emotions of fear, anger, anxiety, Depression, sadness or guilt?

– Are you experiencing relationship troubles, financial hardship, professional struggles, addiction or self sabotage?

– What if it was not just about you

What if some of it came from something much deeper, from unresolved traumas or unprocessed emotions from your family system that you have picked up subconsciously out of a very powerful love and loyalty to them?

In this group workshop, you will be able to pick representatives from the group, who will enact and demonstrate the hidden dynamics of the issue you want to resolve.

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