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Secure Your Crypto: How to Protect Against Fraud and Mismanagement
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An estimated 20% of the supply of Bitcoin has been lost forever. Over $1 billion worth of Ethereum is gone. Between collapsing exchanges, malicious hackers, and lost seed phrases, protecting your digital assets is harder than ever. What should you do? Who can you trust?

We’re here to answer those questions.

Join us for an interactive and informative event hosted by Bridge Trust, a state-chartered trust company specializing in secure storage of crypto assets. During this immersive presentation, participants will learn where they can store their assets, compare the security and risks of given approaches, and receive tailored suggestions for how to secure their assets. There will also be a demonstration of a variety of tools that can be used for securing and monitoring your assets. Get the knowledge and tools you need to safely access the world of cryptocurrency.

What to expect:

Learn about various storage options for crypto assets

Compare and contrast the risks associated with the approaches

Experiment with tools for securing and monitoring your assets

Q&A with speakers from Bridget Trust

Network with other participants


1:00pm Guests arrive, network, explore the museum

1:30pm Workshop starts

2:30pm Workshop ends, guests network, explore the museum