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Welcome to the recurring monthly event series on Regenerative Finance in Toronto! This event series is designed to educate and inform the community about various aspects of Regenerative Finance, Economics, and Web3. We believe that this event series will help individuals gain a better understanding of Regenerative Finance and its potential to transform the economy and create sustainable communities.

The event series will feature a diverse range of topics, including Regenerative Finance/Economics itself, Crypto Commons, Natural-backed Assets, Carbon Markets, Renewable Energy, Circular Economics, Regenerative Communities/Ecosystems, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Web3 for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Women/Nonbinary, and Health/Wellness, Agritech and ReFi, Decentralized Science and ReFi, Impact-2-Earn, Solarpunk/Mycopunk vs. Cyberpunk, and Social Impact/Innovation/Entrepreneurship in-general and at-large as it relates to Web3.

In addition to educational sessions, we also want to create opportunities for networking and collaboration. This meetup series will become a node as part of ReFiDAO, which will allow individuals to connect with others in the global Regenerative Finance community and collaborate on new projects.

We are also looking for individuals to join our organizing committee. We are seeking people who have skills in marketing, sponsorships, operations, and visual/graphics design. By joining our committee, you will have the opportunity to help shape our event series and contribute to creating a more sustainable and equitable economy. Please fill this form to join the community:

We look forward to seeing you at our recurring monthly event series on Regenerative Finance in Toronto!