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Real Estate Modeling and Analysis
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The course equips you with a comprehension on the various concepts and practices in the real estate sector. Our course also offers in-depth knowledge of the financial protocols relevant to the real estate market. Consequently, the participants will be equipped with the know-how to formulate advanced and effective real estate financial models independently.


The course will explain the key concepts and metrics involved in the cash flow of real estate. The course is designed to ensure that the participants get thorough insights on whether to own or rent a real estate possession and make practical decisions regarding financing and investing in the real estate field. Furthermore, the course also highlights the role of private equity in commercial real estate.

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to enhance their expertise in Real Estate modeling and analysis should attend this course, which includes:

Middle to senior managers from different industries

All professionals who want to deal or currently deal with financial modeling in their company

Consultants, advisors, and other professionals who wish to improve their modeling skills