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Polkadot Now India
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Polkadot Now India is more than a blockchain conference. It is a movement, a community, a dive into Polkadot technology – and a meeting of minds from all over the world. Learn the tech with Polkadot educators. Get the latest developments from working teams. Build connections at the networking sessions. The program caters to all levels of interest and unites developers, industry leaders, enthusiasts and the curious! Be part of the blockchain revolution and join us on April-1-2.

Secure cross-chain DeFi, data & integrations

Polkadot's cross-consensus messaging format (XCM) enables secure communication between blockchains, including the dapps built on top of them. You can not only transfer tokens and NFTs, but program advanced functionality and tap into Web3 integrations across multiple use-case optimized chains.

Multichain deployment

Choose from multiple smart contract platforms for your dapp and leverage custom functionality across multiple chains, including Ethereum. Deploy existing Solidity code or write advanced Wasm-based contracts in ink!, Polkadot's native Rust-based eDSL. Get low fees that you can predict ahead of time with Polkadot's flexible gas model.

Industry-leading light clients

Polkadot provides an advanced browser-based light client with an accompanying browser extension. This enables developers to build dapps in a more decentralized way, with no need to rely on third-party RPC nodes for interacting with the blockchain.