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This meetup is a partnership between The HODL and The Crypt Gallery

About The HODL

The HODL is founded by Button (@nftbutton) and Kucho (@kucho_nft) who connected in the summer of 2021 over having similar NFTs in their digital wallets. This led to a friendship and the idea to build an entire community for people to help each other in navigating the complexity of the NFT and Web3 space.

Today, The HODL is a close-knit community of investors, builders, artists, and new entrants that are eager to learn more.

Join our Discord to learn more about the community:

About The Crypt Gallery

The Crypt Gallery is the world’s first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry. Currently located at Dream Hollywood in Los Angeles and Dream Downtown in New York City, guests are able to visit 24/7 and experience digital art in an entirely new way.

Aiming to bring the digital marketplace to life, our goal is to create interactive and memorable in-person events and experiences, while educating and onboarding a new audience. We believe the first step in this onboarding is to bridge the gap between digital and physical, while representing NFTs in a high traffic and trending location.

Aside from onboarding and growing the industry, we also use our platform to give back and benefit the existing community. Building a physical home and providing new levels of exposure to artists, collectors, communities and the industry as a whole – The Crypt Gallery can easily be called The People’s Gallery.