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NFH YACHT CRUISE: Non.Fungible.Humans | Next Level Yacht Experience
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JOIN US FOR NFH YACHT CRUISE on October 14, 2022

Miami friends! We are gathering Non.Fungible.Humans (NFH) for a luxury ocean voyage to explore emerging technologies and new community consciousness.

We offer an extraordinary experience on a beautiful yacht that includes: Ocean Adventures | Mastermind Conversations | Conscious Networking | High Vibrational Activities

The mission of NFH is to have fun, intellectual conversations about blockchain, business, spirituality, web3, metaverse, and more, with the intention to give you more insight and opportunities to create a positive future for Humanity.

Our 5-hr program is build on 5 Values:

- Transparency

- Prosperity

- Impact

- Leadership

- Transformation

Enjoy luxury amenities on board. Complementary Food & Drinks.


This is the time on planet Earth when we are all experiencing a financial, energetic, and environmental shifts. It's global and already effects all of us. You can either be the co-creator of this New Reality, and help to birth it, or you can choose to stay behind. But if you choose to join the movement, you will see so many incredible opportunities that WEB3 World is offering! We are educating people about WEB3, METAVERSE, CRYPTO, BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES, as well as combining with an awareness that we are much more than just physical bodies. We hold a spiritual spark of Higher Consciousness inside of us, and a huge potential. Same when we can tap into WEB3 potentiality, we can tap into our own Super Human Potential in order to live our best lives, and bring humanity onto the next level of awareness and to co-create a Golden Age Future for ourselves and for the Planet, because we all deserve to live happy, abundant and free.