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Liquidity 2023
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Liquidity 2023: Rebuilding Trust and Improving Security for a Better Future. The summit invited industry leaders, top trading institutions, digital currency asset banks, exchanges, custodian institutions, investment banks, and regulatory institutions from around the world to discuss cutting-edge trends and future development directions in the digital asset field.

The summit will provide an interactive platform for institutional traders, professional trading teams, quantitative funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, family offices, and other participants to exchange views, share experiences, promote industry cooperation and development, and collectively embrace the opportunities and development of the new year in the digital asset field.

“We are thrilled to announce and host Liquidity 2023, which promises to be an exciting and informative event for digital asset professionals,” said Jack Yang, Founder and CEO of LTP. “Our focus is on innovation, development, and regulation in the digital asset industry, with particular attention to professional needs, market opportunities, and challenges of institutional traders. We look forward to welcoming participants to Hong Kong to discuss and explore the latest trends and developments in the digital asset space.”