Discover the perfect place to live your passion for the pop culture of japan to the bottom, you can meet the artists, have some fun with stakeholders and leave with heads full of eyes. Japan Expo Sud is back, ready to face all the challenges for its 13th edition !

Japan Expo South is the place of all meetings. If the visitors like to find in a party atmosphere, they also have many opportunities to approach the guests, to exchange a few words with them for the time of a dedication, or listen to them talk about their work, their projects and passions in the conference.

The party continues on stage : the Japan provides a multitude of music genres to discover and sources of inspiration no end to the artists. The J-pop meets rock, RnB, electro or even the occasions of music from anime or video game. It is a stage musical eclectic waiting for you.

Music has always been part of japanese culture and of the artists' styles traditional you discover, the shamisen, the koto, the sanshin , and many other sounds enchanting.

Japan Expo Sud does not cut to the tradition : under the sun of Marseille, the cosplay has the honors of the scene with the Cosplay Shows and, for several years, the French selections of the WCS – World Cosplay Summit, great cosplay contest international.

Cosplayers and cosplayeuses are the costumes the most spectacular, made by their care, from their manga, anime, or favorite video games, in a performance unforgettable. The image of the scene, the streets of the festival will occupy one thousand characters and give you the chance to see your favorite heroes come to life.

Discover all the facets of the archipelago due to the presence of traditional culture. Many associations are participating in this effort, around activities and workshops, such as ikebana (floral art, japanese), origami, tea ceremony, calligraphy, painting, traditional games, or lectures on a variety of themes.

More than ever, Japan Expo South is shaping up to be THE meeting place for fans of manga, anime, cosplay, video game and all the pop culture , and we can't wait to see you again.

Friday, February 24, 2023 at 10:00 AM to
Sunday, February 26, 2023 at 5:00 PM