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iPollo Meta Girls Party
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​iPollo is the world’s first metaverse infrastructure service provider, featured with real-time rendering and AIGC ability, committed to realizing an open social and immersive experience in the 3D Metaverse world, creating a new Web 3.0 lifestyle.

META ERA is dedicated to exploring the NFT and metaverse fields, pursuing professional, comprehensive, and accurate information and data, which is the leading NFT information service platform in the world.

BitMart is a compliant digital asset trading platform carefully built for individuals and professional institutions, whose mission is to build a world-class digital asset trading system and provide efficient, fair, and transparent digital asset financial services for global users.

CØC-'Calling Øf Chaos' is a digital fashion organization led by its creator, which uses the latest game engine, NFT, blockchain authentication and XR extended reality technologies to create a matrix of digital trend products and artworks that connect virtual reality.