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The tradition of "Faucet" comes from Bitcoin. On June 11, 2010, Gavin Andresen, the chief developer of Bitcoin, released the "The Bitcoin Faucet" website and invite user to receive 5 Bitcoins per person for free. He believes: "Only by letting more people participate and experience and contribute, can Bitcoin succeed ultimately. ” The faucet ended up giving away 19,700 bitcoins, the first of its summer of crypto builders.

​In 2023, with the prosperity of Ethereum and Layer2 ecosystem, testnet faucets had become an indispensable and important resource for encryption builders. With the “water” flow from the faucet, you can see the flow direction of Smart Money, and the continuous flow of “water” is painting a more lush picture. This is another summer of crypto builders.

​On April 12, 2023, Ethereum will usher in a Shanghai upgrade. To commemorate this important upgrade, UXUY, a trading platform based on MPC wallet, together with world's leading security firm SlowMist and MPC solution company SafeHeron, launch the "Faucet 2023" event and invite crypto natives and Web3 builders to explore “water” sources and discover the direction of “water” flow....