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Effective Liquidity Risk Management
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This interactive workshop course is apt for participants already engaged in or in support of liquidity risk management, either within a given enterprise or from the outside. It builds an invaluable case for addressing liquidity risk, something which was taken "for granted" especially in the financial marketplace for a long time until the arrival of the global financial crisis. Taking into account increasing business complexities, the advancement of technologies in fund flow measurement/payment processes, this is a timely workshop to keep abreast of latest market happenings and risk management techniques in addressing liquidity risk


Liquidity Risk was taken as a non-event prior the crisis but since then, assumed front seat in the risk management space. The UK Turner Review (Mar 2009) sets the tone for the need to manage liquidity risk in the banking world. The crisis also brings forth the importance of liquidity (both market and cash flow) for the non financial institution. This one-day orientation workshop initiates and fortifies the finance and audit professional, from both financial and non financial institutions, in the fundamental issues and challenges in liquidity risk management. Set against the backdrop of the global financial crisis and continual liquidity squeezes/traps and taking into account the evolving demands from Basel III and other regulatory challenges and industry best practices, the interactive session serves a timely catch-up on the subject that plagues every corporation and enables the participant to pick up useful know-how in cash flow and market liquidity management. Intended to be edu-training, it addresses the liquidity risk management practice with less quan-toxication, more qualitative rationalization and uses a palatable lay and case-based approach to an otherwise heavily technical subject

Upon completion of course, participants will be able to:

have a proper understanding of the different forms of liquidity risks

appreciate the impact liquidity risks have on financial and non financial corporations

develop sound principles in measuring and managing liquidity risk drawing guidance from,interalia, BIS, FSA and MAS

recognize the challenges posed in the process of managing liquidity risks

draw lessons from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) including the Asset Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP) shutdown and the "buck-breaking" episode in the US funds world