Before you had employees, all you had to do was to make sure you are a high performer yourself. You know why you wanted to get up early in the morning, fight traffic, and get to work.

You now have employees. How do you get other people to want to produce high performance? How do get others to be as eager as you are?

Everyone is "uniquely different", with their own set of reasons, their own set of whys:

200 people on the same airplane flying from Los Angeles to New York, they are going from Los Angeles to New York for 200 different reasons!

Person A is going to New York for business ;

Person B came to Los Angeles from New York for vacation and is now returning home;

Person C is on his way from Los Angeles to London to visit his family and will be changing flight in New York;

You are going to New York for your own reasons. The other 199 passengers are also going to New York, but they are going for their own reasons.

Same trip, same destination, different reasons.