In this 1 hour on-demand webinar, you will learn the truth the whole truth and nothing but the naked inconvenient truth:

1. Exactly what is the pack of lies that were told to millennials; (No, it's not what you think.)

2. Who told this pack of lies, and what were their motives; (No, it's not who you think, and it's not what you think.)

3. What is the truth that millennials need to hear. (No, it's not what you think.)

4. What is the truth that you need to hear? As we say in Chinese: "Good medicine tastes bitter, honest advice sounds harsh to your ears." You already know "The Truth Shall Set You Free", but the truth will hurt your feelings :-)

5. Why "Appeasement" is a really really bad policy, that will only turn you into an "Enabler", and harm everyone: your employees, the business, society at large and yourself. (Remember Neville Chamberlain and his disastrous policy of Appeasement?)

6. Why you must watch out for those who are trying to drive a wedge between employees and employers, or pit employees and employers against each other, instead of creating win/win situations for everyone.

7. How to figure out who need to be fired, and why you are actually harming them if you don't terminate them;

8. How to overcome your feeling of uneasiness to fire those who need to be fired, and why you are actually truly helping them by terminating them;

9. Who can be coached, and how to coach Millennials?

In this 1 hour on-demand webinar, you will also learn: What sort of Millennials you should hire from this point on:

Why you need to attract only the right candidates, and repel the wrong candidates from even applying.

How to attract the right Millennials to come apply for employment with you.

How to repel the wrong Millennials from applying employment with you.

How to outsmart the candidates, so you filter in the right candidates, and filter out the wrong candidates.

Why using conventional job interview questions will result in you hiring a bunch of professional liars:-( And have you been using these interview questions, to your own detriment? (Hint: if you have troublemakers on your team? you know you've been scammed! Fool me once? Fool me twice?)

What sort of job interview questions will help you figuring out who is telling the truth?

You will learn 1 more important concept in this 1 hour on-demand webinar: How to Establish a Whole New Narrative with Your Employees:

And most importantly, you will learn how to establish a whole new narrative, how to present and control a new frame, so instead of you having to constantly appease, supplicate, pamper, and seeking approval from your bad employees with bad attitudes, you have the opposite:

Your employees understand: true confidence, real self esteem, can only be earned, by overcoming challenges, by practicing fear busting and by expanding their own comfort zones.

Your employees understand that "growth" doesn't mean "I've been given more goodies for free". They understand "growth" means they've busted more fears and expanded their comfort zones.

You employees cherish the challenges you give them, because they understand overcoming challenges is the only way to grow.

Your employees are grateful for their growth, both professionally and personally, as a result of overcoming challenges while being a part of your team, and they thank you for holding their feet to the fire;

Your employees come to you seeking coaching and guidance on how to overcome challenges and obstacles;

Your employees want to contribute first, for they understand the concept of creating "win/win/win" for all involved: customers, employers and employees.

And you the employer are always in charge - not the other way around!