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DIY Web3 Happy Hour
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Join us at Homebrew Crypto Club every Thursday for our Web3 Happy Hour! Our member-owned DIY community space is the perfect spot to hang out and connect with like-minded individuals at the bleeding edge of tech.

​Our do-it-yourself ethos means that our space is run by our members and for our members. This means that everyone is encouraged to contribute and make things happen. At Homebrew, we believe in a do-ocracy, where the community takes action to create the space they want to see.

​In addition to great company, we have a Nintendo to play and some pizza and basic drinks available. However, we also encourage everyone to bring their own booze and snacks to share. This way, we can create a truly communal experience and get to know each other better over some delicious treats.

​Come and join us at 1481 Folsom in SF for an evening of fun, innovation, and community. We can't wait to see you there!