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Digital Transformation in Banking (APAC)
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Dear Colleagues,

In order to remain relevant in the world that operates digitally, it has become imperative for today’s banks to beat the competition by switching from their age-old legacy systems to more robust, efficient, and modernized platforms. Most of the leading banks are investing heavily in digital technologies (including AI, Automation, Cloud computing, Data Analytics, blockchains, DevOps, and much more) to reap their benefits and stay competitive in the business but how do the smaller banks embrace this new shift.

In 2019, Kinfos Events observed a deep surge of interest in ‘Digital Transformation’ in the banking sector and launched a focused global conference series on the ‘Digital Transformation for the Banking’ sector. It’s proudly organized in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. Therefore, we are excited to announce the return of our In-Person global conferences series this year.

These conferences will feature dedicated keynotes and sessions, and discussions on some of the most topical themes, including –AI & Intelligent Automation, Cyber Security, Identity & Fraud Risk, Customer Centricity, Data & Cloud Transformation, Payments Modernization, Rise of Cryptocurrencies & CBDCs, BlockChain, and more.

Here we strive to share region-specific insights and best practices, live rollouts, latest case studies, and common challenges of implementing digital transformation. It offers an excellent opportunity to connect with key industry stakeholders and decision-makers.

Join us to hear from 25+ ‘Thought-Provoking’ speakers (mostly from regional banks & selected FinTechs) and network live with up to 150+ qualified delegates.

A very warm welcome!