MetaDecrypt is bringing together leading designers to exhibit and interact with guests in an exhibition, though provoking leaders to speak and conduct masterclasses in an Immersive experience. We will decode all things in Metaverse Design: the biggest growth areas, design techniques, tools, and necessary skills being used to develop and build products across Blockchain, NFTS, digital assets, AR and VR technology, Virtual Worlds, Digital Twins and Immersive Experience

MetaDecrypt & MOI (My Own Internet) are collaborating to launch Mint Valley, a simple and personalized Metaverse experience for the users in the Middle East. Mint Valley will make it possible for visitors to claim POAP tokens and personalized certificates for attendees of the meticulously crafted masterclasses hosted by MetaDecrypt as well as those who attend Dubai Design Week. Mint valley is powered by MOI – the world’s first context-aware p2p network enabling personalization in the Metaverse. Click on the link below to register for your own Proof of Attendance NFT.