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Cryptoverse Island Madrid 2023
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COAM (Madrid Architects College) will become the venue for the event organized by Cryptoverse Island together with Cadena SER. Each day will have a different theme, Blockchain, NFT & Art and Metaverse.

PIONEER EVENTS in Spain of Crypto Art and Blockchain Technology that includes an exhibition of physical digital art with presentations, networking and new Crypto Audiovisual projects.


Art exhibition. With more than 20 internationally recognized artists, including Javier Arres and Gala Mirissa, who will exhibit their works on Digital Art screens.

Presentations. Leaders in the Blockchain world,

Cryptoart, NFT & Metaverse.

Networking and Presentation of new Crypto Projects.


This exciting new world is opening up fast and is poised for explosive growth in the years to come.

Beyond our imagination…

Artists, financial, tech and legal professionals passionately believe in the extraordinary opportunities that the blockchain offers artists, collectors and investors in a whole new world of digital art. NFTs will not only provide new channels to view and sell traditional art forms, they will foster new art forms by leveraging technologies such as virtual reality.

NFTs are very important to artists as they verify the authenticity and originality of the artwork. Some NFTs have already proven to be incredibly valuable. For example, Christies Auction House sold art by Beeple, a well-known digital artist, for $69.3 million.