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Crypto Hedge Funds: Setting Up in Hong Kong
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Despite the black swan events that shocked and roiled the cryptoverse globally in 2022, closer to home the crypto market in Hong Kong has been abuzz in recent months with promising developments that offer new business opportunities and have brought a palpable improvement in sentiment.

连串黑天鹅事件在 2022 年震惊和搅动了全球的加密世界,然而近月来香港的加密货币市场活动却因为各项发展带来的新机遇而变得炽热,市场情绪明显改善。

From the Government's policy statement aspiring to develop Hong Kong into a virtual assets and web3 hub, to the Government Budget allocation of funding to develop the web3 ecosystem and a loosening of the iron grip with which the industry had been regulated, there are many reasons for optimism about the development of the virtual assets ecosystem in Hong Kong with its unique geo-economic position and its storied crypto history.

香港拥有独特的地缘经济地位和传奇的加密货币历史,近日亦有多项令市场憧憬虚拟资产生态系统的发展的利好消息,包括政府发表政策声明表示期望将香港发展成为虚拟资产和 web3 的枢纽,及后于财政预算案拨款发展 web3 生态系统,并放宽对相关行业的规管限制。

A tidal wave of enthusiasm has flooded the local market, with interest about establishing crypto funds in Hong Kong abounding from managers across the region who are looking to tap into a respected and permissive regulatory framework offering the security of fully regulated service providers.


Please join us for a timely discussion about the key things that every fund manager needs to know about setting up a crypto hedge fund in Hong Kong, getting SFC licensed and an exploration of the opportunities that lie ahead in the Hong Kong market. We will be joined by special guests from Pando Finance, Cobo, ASCENT Fund Services and Alvarez & Marsal who will share unique insights about crypto fund investments, custody, administration and tax.

我们诚邀阁下与我们一同探讨基金经理在香港设立加密对冲基金时需要了解的关键事项和獲取證監會相關牌照的要點,并探索香港市场未来的机遇。我们很荣幸邀请到来自潘渡、Cobo、ASCENT Fund Services 和安迈企业咨询公司的特邀嘉宾参与讨论,分享有关加密基金投资、托管、管理和税务的独特见解。

This event will be conducted in Putonghua and will be followed by networking drinks.


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