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Blockchain is currently one of the most talked-about technologies. Governments and Enterprises throughout the world are exploring its potential impact on their space and how they can benefit from this emerging technology. Its use cases cover several facets of various industries.

This comprehensive introductory course will help you understand the technology and its components. You will get to know its differentiating factors which led to its exponential following and the role of cryptocurrencies.

This course aims to bridge the gap in the understanding of business professionals and provide an overview of the potential value enterprises can get out of it.

Learning Objectives:

Understand Blockchain technology, its features & characteristics

Discover Use Cases applied to various industries.

Learn about public & private blockchain networks, and their pros and cons.

Explore a few real-world projects.


Blockchain Fundamentals

Features of Blockchain Technology

Key Industry Use Cases

Types of Blockchain; Public vs Private

Public Blockchain Applications

Private Blockchain; Hyperledger Fabric

Real World Projects

Questions & Answers