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Business Yacht Connect + Crypto Market Trends
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Thomas Kralow

▪️Crypto influencer

▪️ Investor

▪️ Entrepreneur


▪️ Crypto hedge fund Kralow Capital aimed at managing the capital of UHNW clients in the crypto market.

▪️ Founder of the online learning platform with tens of thousands of students around the world studying affiliate marketing, building a personal brand, selling courses, trading, investing, and more.

▪️ Founder in several companies in various fields: real estate, trading, info business

Davinci Jeremy

▪️ Early adopter of Bitcoin.

▪️ Digital creator

▪️ Programmer

▪️ Host of YouTube channel davincij15 4.5 million views

Is waiting for you:

🔥 Discuss market trends and cycles

🔥 Bitcoin value

⚡️ Networking from CONNECT+ among 54 guests, lists of all participants with intros of each

🚤 Evening cruise aboard BLACK PREMIUM yacht

🥗 Grill, snacks, sparkling and cocktails

🥂Afterparty in a chic place