Participate in Hungary’s largest boat meeting in 2023 as well, where you can learn about the latest boat innovations and see the offer of the largest boat brands in one place!

We’ll see you again soon at Hungary’s biggest boat show. The 2023 Budapest Boat Show is approaching, which this year attracted 27,000 visitors in partnership with the Travel exhibition.

Thanks to this, about three months before the exhibition, more than three-quarters of Pavilion G was filled. So far, about 30 companies have already indicated their participation in the exhibition, with a total of 70 motorized and electric boats. And the colorful programs on Program Island and in the Presentation Pool will not be missed.

The exhibition will feature brands such as Atlantic Marine, ATX, Axopar, Belassi Marine, Comitti Venezia 25, Crownline, Delphia, E-twow, Excess, GRASS, Gtechnig, HY Boat, Hypercraft, Invictus, Jeanneau, Karnic, Kimple, Lex, Nautique, Northman, Prestige, Quicksilver, Regal, Royal Craft, Saver, Stickl, Terhi, Tigé, Wiking, XO, Yamaha. It is also home to boat products and services, as well as equipment and clothing for water sports.

The HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center is the usual meeting place for boaters before the season. Visitors come from all over the country to see the latest boat range, learn about innovations or relive the big races and events of the past season in front of the stage. Whether this will alleviate, or rather increase, the expectation should be up to everyone to decide for themselves.

The Budapest Boat Show, the largest inland port in Hungary, will provide another surprise within the framework of the 2023 exhibition. With the slogan “Focus on the Danube”, we present global river sports and leisure opportunities to those interested.

Would you like to row near the capital? – Just be bold, we will help you with it whether you would like to imagine the adventure with a racing kayak or a touring canoe. Want to watch the fireworks on a speedboat? “Why not.” If you want to drive yourself, we will help you get a driver’s license. But if you just want to enjoy the view, we offer you a boat rental option. Would you like to take a trip on the Hungarian section of the Danube? – pack up your family and come choose from a plethora of options.

Would you like to go on a trip abroad but don’t want to drive? – head to the Danube, where countless hotel boats will ambush your wishes. Would a little team building fit your work environment? – visit us and choose from the river options. Interested in speedboat successes? – the Danube also hides secrets about this, which it is happy to share with you. Haven’t you been on a river by bus yet? – It’s time to face a challenge that is somewhat unusual at first reading.

Of course, in addition to focusing on the Danube, the Budapest Boat Show is also preparing for visitors in its renewed surroundings in accordance with tradition. Be it a sailboat or a speedboat, a boat part or clothing accessory, they will all be present at the exhibition.

Like this year, the Travel exhibition will be on view at the same time as the Budapest Boat Show. Here, in addition to domestic and foreign destinations, there are travel agencies, as well as the Caravan Salon, where a wide selection of the latest caravans and motorhomes awaits visitors.

Thursday, February 23, 2023 at 9:00 AM to
Sunday, February 26, 2023 at 6:00 PM