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Brinc & Outlier Ventures - Investor Pitch Day
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To conclude Hong Kong Crypto Week, Brinc & Outlier Ventures are hosting an Investor Pitch Day. Our combined portfolio teams, who are based in Hong Kong or have traveled here, will be sharing their exciting Web3 projects.

​If you're a Web3 investor, you aren't going to want to miss this opportunity to meet startups who are shaping the future of Web3.

​Please register for the event as space is limited. This event is by invitation only and a separate confirmation email will be sent to confirm your seat.

​Event Agenda

​9:00am - Networking + Coffee & Tea

​9:30am - Opening Remarks - Brinc & OV

​9:40am - Fireside Chat with a Special Guest

​10:00am - 4 Startup Pitches - 5 mins each

​10:30am - Networking & Q&A

​10:45am - 5 Startup Pitches - 5 mins each

​11:15am - Networking & Q&A

​Snacks & drinks will be served.

​Startups Presenting

​Another-1 is a one-stop shop to design, produce, crowdfund, and trade digital units of hype fashion backed by physical goods. Repurposing fashion products for metaverse interoperability; Another-1 offers access to a new asset class for a wide audience spanning fashion consumers, gamers and investors.

​Auki Labs is creating a poshmesh, a decentralized protocol for collaborative spatial computing. Our decentralized peer-to-peert positioning system will give every cubic millimeter an address, replce the GPS, and enable a persistent and privacy-preserving metaverse.

​Coinmiles is one of the most advanced platforms for crypto rewards. They believe that in order to reach mass crypto adoption, brands and crypto projects will have to find ways to onboard users through rewards and incentives. Coinmiles gives Bitcoin rewards to members when they purchase from 1000+ major brands online, in-store through a partnership with Visa and MasterCard, and when they travel at over 900,000 hotels worldwide.

​Lost Club Toys is a lifestyle brand devoted to electronic music culture that uses NFTs to build membership, and light coin exchange tokens (LCTs) to bring artists and fans closer together.

​MetaGameHub DAO is the home base for aggregated open metaverse experiences, and builder of a platform of complementary tools and agnostic infrastructure such as an avatar module, a metaverse builder, and AI-based NFT valuations including a metaverse LAND Heatmap.

​ is an AI-generative product marketing SaaS for the $5.7 trillion global e-commerce market. The product helps merchants turn phone-taken product images into brand-complaint social media content in seconds and at 100X cheaper cost with its own generative AI pipeline, and increases merchants’ end customers engagements and referrals post-purchase through AI-personalised customer collectibles (NFTs).

​Re:Dreamer is the gateway to hybrid commerce. Bridging digital and physical realities with Re:Dreamer's NFT redemption protocol.

​Scrye is connecting the metaverse to the universe, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 for brands. Scrye are building the community and tools for a B2B self-service platform that uses Computer Vision and AR to connect digital experiences and NFTs to items, influencers and artists.

​Sky Meta - Sky Meta is a GameFi tools developer focused on transitioning traditional gamers into Web3. We have created a number of tools that solve the difficulties games and investors have with community building, NFT management and analysis. Some of the many tools we've created thus far are a gamer platform with exportable Metamask wallet, NFT oracle, NFT management, NFT rental and leasing, and more!