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Witness the innovation and financial freedom that cryptocurrency has to offer at NascentEdge's first edition of Blockchain Forum Latam 2023. Latin America is experiencing the amazing influence of cryptocurrency as countries like El Salvador adopts cryptocurrency as legal tender.

Cryptocurrency has offered many solutions to cross-border payments, ensuring that transactions occur fast and with minimal transaction fees. As high inflation rates plummet the value many of the continent's currencies, cryptocurrency is considered to be a more stable financial alternative. Unbanked Latin American citizens can benefit from blockchain by effectively eliminating the need for government-regulated financial institutions. Thus, as Latin Americans turn to Bitcoin; they can trust in its reputation as "sound money" with a maximum supply of 21 million coins that combat inflation due to its cap on supply. For women, cryptocurrency empowers them to confidently find financial independence as developers create dApps targeted towards them.

As El Salvador leads the way, Latin America is the first region to embrace mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.