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Australian Metaverse Event 2023– shaping the future for the greater good
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The Metaverse has long been familiar to tech specialists, gamers and other industries but it is evolving to impact the way society and industry communicates and engages in business and recreation into the future. As with previous pivotal tech advancements, the metaverse along with Web3.0, blockchain, NFT's, cryptocurrency and DeFI playing major roles at the nexus of this virtual world, is brimming with significant challenges and complexities but opportunities abound for those brave to enter and be part of the growth of this exciting mixed and fully immersible internet experience.

This in-person event aims to take a close look at the challenges and opportunities for all stakeholders and how through the capability of offering a fairer, more open and inclusive environment, this brave new world will present new horizons for all participants to potentially benefit from.

Whether a content creator, investor, retail chain, software/hardware provider, policymaker, academic, gaming enthusiast, or crypto, blockchain company, attend and be part of this exciting time to share ideas, discuss challenges and find solutions to help progress the metaverse sustainably forward, within a strong and robust digital ecosystem, and with responsible protocols and frameworks in place.

Although considered to be a nascent industry, it is not too early to start your journey into this futuristic realm and benefit from what it has to offer. Join with like-minded and forward thinking peers at this exciting event for 2023.